Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday's Daybook Aug. 31, 2015

For Today: August 31st, 2015

Outside my window: I'm late posting this and it's dark out there.

I Am Thinking: That now I have to worry about Eggo's foot.  I'm pretty sure she has bumblefoot. 

I Am Thankful:  That I have my vet 2 minutes up the road! 

In The Kitchen:  Dishes are cleaned up and there is a solid "loaf" of bread that didn't rise in my breadmaker.  I'll be throwing that out to the birds! 
I Am Wearing:  A white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. 

I Am Creating:  Another crocheted dish cloth.  I also made a few coasters this week.  Someday I'll attempt a hat!!
I Am Going:  To bed after I watch the news.

I Am Reading:  Nothing this week.  My sister is visiting.
I Am Hoping:  That I can fit in a riding lesson this week. 

I Am Looking Forward To:  My handyman, Kerry, painting the deck tomorrow even though it will be a problem letting the dogs out!

I Am Hearing:  The TV on in the family room.
Around The House:  There must be some things that would sell well on eBay!!

In My Garden:  It's still dry.  We've had very little rain. 

I Am Pondering:  Whether to try and lance Eggo's foot myself or go up to the vet.  It will probably be another vet call!

One of My Favorite Things:  Having my sister here to visit and to go places with. 

Quote of the Day:  
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Tomorrow, having the deck painted, Wednesday, hopefully a riding lesson, Thursday the Culligan man has to come and fix my water softner; my water is too hard!!  Hopefully going over to my son's to see him and Linda and my grandchildren this holiday weekend.

Photos From The Past Week:  

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  1. Your home is my favorite place to visit! Wait, it is the only place I visit ;-)))
    Your sister,

  2. Sales on E-Bay here (Australia) seem to be full of Dollar shops listing their items. I have tried selling a few times in the past couple of months (mainly collectible English china) but nothing much seems to be moving. Good luck with your sales. Carolyn from

  3. Love your writing and your pictures! And get it about no reading's being done when there's company about! Can I steal your handyman? Just kidding, of course.


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