Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Girl and Her Horse

My daughter and her horse Satire have something extra special. This weekend a friend of Michele's shot this video/slide show for Michele. It shows the strong connection the two of them have.
Kristi Gay is a photographer who comes from Indiana to be a second shooter when Michele does wedding photography. She stayed an extra few hours on Sunday because she wanted to do this for Michele
Thank you Kristi.

Video and photography by Kristi Gay
(If you click on the address right below the picture window, it will show a bigger version of the movie.) (Turn off my blog music as this has it's own.)

Michele & Satire: Fusion photo/video slideshow from Kristi Gay on Vimeo.

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  1. Just Beautiful....what can I say about my Arab! He is my muse, my heartbeat, my insides....I love him with everything I am. There will NEVER be another Satire. People still come to visit him and remember him from his "show days"...he IS that special. I tell him all the time "Mommie (me) knows who you are dont you worry."


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