Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yep, I Got One!!

I've wanted one for a long time but didn't think I cooked (or baked) enough to deserve something so magnificent!! Well, then I thought about it some more and decided my wonderful new kitchen deserved one!! It really didn't take that long for me to figure out a reason to
buy : ))

I bought it from Overstock.com and decided to get a refurbished one. I read a lot of people's comments about them and didn't hear anything bad.
So, along with free shipping, (yeah Overstock) and the price you can get a big one for refurbished, I SAVED a lot : ))

Excitement was in the air as a tussled with this big very heavy box.

Yes Sireeee, I got a bright red one. There was never a question on the color for me. I know, Martha has a white and a stainless one but I'm no Martha!
I got RED!!

My main reason for deciding to get this is that I want to make home made bread and my hands hurt too bad to be kneading dough for a straight 20 minutes. I got the powerful one because it's supposed to do a better job with bread.

See the dough hook : ))

This large red machine weighs a ton. I bet it's 30 lbs! So there's no putting it away and getting it out or even moving it from place to place easily. I had to pick it's permanent home.
No, not there.

It takes up to much space there and it can't replace my toaster! That's where I make my Eggos every morning!!

So this is where it will live. It's where I'm used to using my old one but this baby will be there permanently.
I'll take pictures of my first mixing experience and for sure my first homemade bread!
For today, I'm just looking at it.
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  1. Nice! I love my kitchenaid (which is also red!) and it is a permanent fixture on my counter!!

  2. My son bought me one for Christmas and I love it! You are going to wonder how you ever got along without it. Comgratulations on a great buy!

  3. Well, even if you never ever use it, it shore do look purdy sittin' there!

  4. I can feel you smile from over here! I'm SURE you're gonna love it :o)

  5. Hi, popped over from Rednesday. I have a red kitchenaid and I love it! Mine is not quite as heavy duty as yours. I am sure it will whip you up some great bread. I read your bio and had to laugh. One of my sisters says that I live in my own little bubble too. I'd say I'm darn happy in my bubble world!

  6. I love the red. Mine is red and has a permanent place on my counter too. Enjoy it. You'll find it makes baking a pleasure.

  7. Your kitchen came out gorgeous!! It's so bright and inviting! I bet you dance around in it every morning!!

  8. I love the red in your kitchen! Looks so big! I have wanted one for a long time, but when I did cake decorating- I bought a Black and Decker with digital read out. Worked wonderful for years and then died, so I have a cheaper stand model I never use and a hand held I use all the time.
    Have a great day!
    Hugs- Tete

  9. My dream..I have a silver one.....sigh..One day.

  10. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one, and I would want a big old shiny red one, too.

  11. LOVE at FIRST SIGHT!! I have this one too!! I could just stare at it ALL DAY!! And it makes everything taste WONDERFUL!! XXOO, Damaris

  12. FUN! I can't wait to see what you cook up with that baby!! I have one in white...not so heavy duty but it sure does the trick.

  13. My husband had a kitchen Aide mixer when I met him. Naturally I married him.


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