Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Being Invaded!

Yes, I'm being invaded by the flourishing plants and weeds from this wet, wet Spring. It was cold and rainy and I sure didn't feel like gardening. Then for 2-3 days it turned 90 degrees and humid. Didn't like that either.
See the ivy is trying to get in my bedroom!!

If I don't soon clean my garden path, I won't have one!!!

The garden in the middle of my front lawn is full of weeds and has an evergreen tree growing in it that I didn't plant! Those clever little squirrels! That could be next year's Christmas tree!!

My herb gard is overgrown. Yep, there's chives down there someplace : ))

This is a wild raspberry bush that grows everywhere and is so hard to clear out. It's very pretty right now but then it is just full of prickers and teensy berries!

I have to tend to this in the next few days! This is my pet's cemetery. I will fix it, I promise and post the pictures within the week. Really I will!
Being over-run!!!

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  1. I feel your pain, the same here! Actually early May I was out working in my sweat pants and shirt..but too cold to plant everything. Now it is 90 and I hate being out there in the yucky heat!


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