Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Found a Little Piggy!

I was pulling weeds out in my gardens and way under one of the old bushes in the back, I saw something half buried. When I dug it out, it was this little cement pig!!!

He (or she!) was coated with mud as pigs should be I guess. I hosed him (or her) off and shall find a place in the open garden this little piggy!!!
It was my surprise of the day!


  1. What a cute thing! How weird is that? Piggies are for money and good luck! We can never have enough of these! ;)


  2. What a sweet find Shirley! Is the piggy something you had forgotten about or something that was there and you didn't know about it? Wish I could find a good find like that!

    Have a Great Day!

  3. Hi Shirley, What a FUN find! Once I found a silver spoon ring in my garden...I figured it got there this way: there used to be an above ground pool with a deck around it there, and someone took it off to swim, and it dropped through the deck into the ground. Your fun find makes me think that maybe I should partially bury something fun for future homeowners here to discover. That doesn't count the pet cemetary under my old cherry tree...
    Fun post, Shirley!


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