Friday, June 10, 2011

The Other Day

A couple days ago I just decided to stay home and fiddle around my house. It was too hot to do anything outside.
I'm showing you my dining room table like it is normally when I'm not doing a tablescape. I like the simple clean colonial look.

I had finished the last brownie a couple days before and I had a NEED for chocolate chip cookies! And quick!

This is what I use now most of the time if I just want a small batch.
They are the most like my homemade ones and I can have a cookie in about 20 minutes, warm!!!!

It makes about this many plus 4 that I had already eaten.

I finally hung my FR curtains! I got them at Target when my sister was here. I don't know why we didn't hang them then but now they're up and it softens the room a lot. I just wish I didn't have that brown leather furniture!! My inspiration room, when I picked this yellow color had all light or white slipcovered furniture and it looked so cool!
(Please try to ignore my TV stand! I am still waiting for the white media cabinet I want to get

Well, I know this was sort of a post about nothing but most days are like that you know!
And that's OK with me!


  1. How can it be about nothing. I saw your home in a completely different way. I think your table and chairs are fabulous.

  2. This was such a nice peek into your home. I love that wonderful sunny room. I bake those cookies all the time and they are delicious. Mostly I wanted to let you know I always enjoy seeing your dining room and I am in love with your dining chairs as well!


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