Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Cooking for Awhile!

Houston, We Have (Had) a Problem!

Last Saturday, when I got up, my new refrigerator was making a loud humming noise. Never good!
I noticed my bottom freezer door was not closed tight. When I opened it and the upper drawer, all my frozen food was nearly all thawed out! I put some things in the refrigerator when I noticed it wasn't cooling either. Temps in both were 44 degrees!!
I tried to get some things into my little freezer down stairs but it was already packed.
I had to throw a lot away, gave some away and ate some for supper! You can only eat so much!
Of course it was the holiday weekend. Does anything happen on just an ordinary week day! Not to me!
I called the company service number and got on the schedule for Tuesday.
Long story short. I just did what I could and then went to the barn to see my horses!
When I got home, everything was working fine. I waited a day before canceling the repair that would have cost $79.95 just for coming into the house.
I think it was all from leaving the door ajar. (The refrigerator doors have an alarm if you leave them open but not the freezer drawers.) Who knows how long it was like that.
Anyway, I've decided I have to live off the things in my little freezer downstairs for awhile so if this ever happens again, I'll have somewhere to put things.
So that's why I won't be cooking for awhile.

No Foodie Fridays for a few weeks. But you can go see all the people that are making wonderful things for "Foodie Friday".



  1. Oh, sorry about this problem. It had to happen on a holiday weekend too. Hope it all gets fixed soon!

  2. now this sounds like my life.. we actually ate our of the freezer for weeks because a) there was no room to put another lick of anything and b) therefore I refused to buy food! Worked great. Glad you dropping in for the strawberries. many blessings, marlis

  3. I can relate to appliance emergencies. I feel like I've had nothing but for months now.

    Sorry you couldn't save more food!

  4. Sorry to hear that. I can relate to appliance emergencies too.

  5. Glad it ended up OK and that it a good idea. In fact, I think I'll suggest that to the Pres so we can begin to empty the freezerS in the garage!...:)JP

  6. I had the same thing happen to our refrigerator. Someone left the freezer door ajar and the next morning I heard the same noise you did. Had to eat whatever I could salvage. Before I go to bed at night, I check to doors to the fridge and freezer.

  7. What a funny story! Sounds like your luck is mine too! Thanks for the funny post! :)



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