Friday, June 24, 2011

Struck by Lightning!!

That's right, Tuesday night we had a big electrical storm with lots of lightning. One of the huge flashes sounded like a bomb came through my bathroom window. The lights went out for just a few seconds but the damage was done!!
I am very thankful that there was no fire or no trees hit that could've fallen on my house. All my damage was that it botched up several electrical things.
I lost my DirecTV DVR box
(that meant no TV)
My routers for my wireless connection and my land phones
(So, no internet or land phones till yesterday)
A TV upstairs
And three receptacles in the kitchen!!

It's funny the different things it messed up in various places in the house!
Thank goodness for my iPhone. It was my only connection to the outside world!!!

All the "fix-it guys" came yesterday and everything is all up and running again.
It cost me an electrician fee and a new TV for the bedroom.
I consider myself very lucky!!



  1. Oh, That's not fun! I know it costs but you were lucky there was no fire. I had the central air unit that sits outside struck once, and I thought we had been bombed. Good description. Glad all is ok now.


  2. I'm so glad it wasn't worse too! That is wild how it went throughout your house like that. My husband's cousin had lightening to hit his house and it killed his computer a few years ago. I won't let my daughter talk on the phone when it is storming here. I have lost my phones over it before but that was all the damage I had a few years ago.


  3. How scary. I am glad you weren't harmed and no permanent damage was done.

  4. I'd have been terrified! So glad that you are safe, and no fires caused. Stay safe.
    Rose H

  5. So sorry to hear of this. Thank God there was not more damage for sure. I know this must have been pretty scary though. So glad you and your family are okay!

  6. WOW! Im so sorry to hear! And youre so lucky that it didnt hurt anyone! Its a drag that you had to pay for everything tho! Hope your insurance covered it! :)


  7. I hope the Kitchen Aid survived

  8. Oh My yes, the Kitchen Aid wasn't plugged in. I didn't even think of that!!!!! : ))
    I have a high insurance deductible so unless I need to replace my big electrical box, there wasn't enough cost to cover the deductible. DirecTV and the cable company that my computer and phones are with, replace everything (DVR box and routers) for nothing which is great!


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