Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Satire is Getting Bored

Satire is not liking this "stall rest" business!!
He has an injured right front suspensory ligament. So that means 3-4 months stall rest and only limited walking on a lead. He can have no uncontrolled movement.
So all summer, he can't run with the other horses, he's not even allowed to trot.
We are at the barn everyday so we are finding things to occupy his mind so he doesn't just stand in his stall and get depressed.
When we're there, we let him walk around the barn. He's getting into more and more things the more bored he gets!!
Here, he's discovered my barn bag with lots of goodies.

Oops, there goes the bag of carrots and apples.

Yep, there's more in there like Winnies Cookies!

He found my granola bars. Notice he's turned my whole bag upside down.

Here I'm sitting down trying to eat my Oats 'N Honey Bar.

Satire LOVES them!

I share with him. He's going to be soooooo spoiled!!!

Back off there boy!!

When we walk him out to the pasture to graze I like to take him among our herd so he feels he's still part of it.

Satire has gained back every bit of weight after his surgery last fall. He is a perfect weight!!
In fact he looks the best of our horses weight wise and he's 33 years old!!


  1. Dear Satire, looks SO handsome :o) Glad he's up to mischief, shows he's doing so well.
    Sending him a {{hug}}
    Rose H

  2. Satire is a big sweetie!

    Susan and Bentley


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