Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Black & White Tablescape 7/16

Thanks to Susan at for hosting this weekly fun Tablescaping adventure. I'm blaming her for my recent addiction to dishes! It's great finding all the inexpensive places to find them though. Visit her site for a list of everyone taking part in this.

Yes, I'm still setting up outside on the deck. A few of you have asked how I was coming with my dining room furniture search. Not good! Can't find the chairs I want. I passed up two dining room sets at garage sales last week. One was $30!! And a more Queen Anne one was $50!! They both had 6 chairs with them. Neither was really the style I have in mind BUT if I had had a truck I'd probably own both . . . just because. The table tops needed refinishing so they were the perfect ones to PAINT!!

All the dishes here are from Goodwill at $2.00 for the black and $1.00 each for the white with black edging. I'm becoming a GW fanatic! Tomorrow is 35% off everything and I can't go because I have to meet the farrier at the barn!! RATS!

You may be wondering why the cream & sugar?? I have recently gotten black cups but didn't have them when I set this up. Just pretend they're here : ))

I didn't know if this setting was a little too formal for the cabbage s & p but I like the color here. Oh well!

I have quite a few crystal candlesticks but as I discovered when I set this table, I have no tall tapered candles! They've probably all gotten out of shape and I've thrown them away! Well, something else to shop for : ))

I love how these napkin rings look. I got them and the napkins on sale at Pier 1. The rings were a little over $1.00 each and the napkins were .69 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silver chargers are from Big Lots at $1.50 each. Always look great with the silverware.

I actually remember getting this pitcher as a wedding gift from my mom's best friend. I've always used it for flowers.

I thought I'd try the apples on the plates for the heck of it and I really liked how it looked.

The metal tops of the little jar candles held the apples perfectly! The silver ware is Community Onieda.

I really like this stemware and I got it at GW for $1.00 each! Got four : ))

"Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" (from my favorite movie "You've Got Mail")
Have a fabulous Thursday. I'm visiting with a kitchen planner this evening!!!


  1. Good luck with you table search!

    I love this table setting. Beautiful!

  2. Very pretty. I love all your finds at GW!

  3. Shirley the apples were the perfect touch. I really have to take some photo lessons. I just point and shoot and don't put enough thought into my pics.
    I like that the crystal candle holders were empty. Made them seem more art like.

  4. Oh, your tables looks so pretty! Love your GW dishes and those napkins are just perfect. The flowers and accessories just set if all off!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I LOVE those cute little cabbage salt and peppers! Happy TT to you!

  6. Love the black and white china with the plaid napkin..just so elegant.

  7. I think your napkins add the perfect amount of color to the table!

  8. Lovely table. I like the black and white with the other accents you've used...simplicity and elegance.

  9. Hi Shirley, your table is wonderful. I love the black and white and then popped with color. The salt and pepper shakers are completely adorable. Lovely!


  10. Very pretty and elegant outdoor setting...Christine

  11. VERY PRETTY table... LOVE the daisies!! They are the happiest flowers!

  12. I love black and white tables, so classic. Very nice!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  13. Oh yes, the apples just set it off so well! This place setting looks so pretty the way you have chosen to put the dishes together. I wish I could find something good at GW. I just don't seem to find anything! I love the outdoor scenes. It's so hot here, and I'd love to do an outside tablescape! I have some candles I keep digging out, then I see that they're no longer straight and put them back. Need to just toss them and be done with it!

  14. Pretty table!I like your wedding gift pitcher! I napkins are cute too!

  15. Wow! I have to get to Pier One!
    That is a lovely table, it all goes together beautifully!
    No GW here, which I guess is a good thing.
    I love those cabbage s& p's..very unique..
    Have a good weekend Shirley..
    Coming to the Garden Party???...
    And I know what you mean about the tables..I would buy them too! Great prices...

  16. What a lovely table! You must have a great GW. I never have that much luck. Your colors are just perfect. Great job!

  17. Your entire setting is as fresh as the friendliest flower! I love hearing about all your GW finds! I'm fast becoming a GW fanatic myself -- it's amazing what people donate, isn't it? I like knowing our shopping there benefits people less fortunate.
    bye for now,

  18. I can't believe all of your GW finds! I have never really had such luck with GW.
    Your tablescape is beautiful!


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