Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tablescape and Apples

Thank you Susan for hosting this event every week. As you can tell, we all love it!

I chose to do an informal setting for this weeks tablescape.

You knew I just had to do a tablescape with my $.60 apple plates from Hobby Lobby!! Aren't they cute. The place-mats are from Walmart. (Cheap, errrrr inexpensive!)

Just had to put an apple on the table somewhere! The white charger plates and yellow plates are from GW as is the little dish the apple is in. And there are those Target bird S & P again : ))

This plate was just slightly bigger than the apple plate to give a rim of yellow.

Kind of harsh shadows. The sun just dipped beneath the trees.

I got these handless cups from Starbucks. (On sale of course.) They are double walled so it keeps your drink either hot or cold longer. I just loved the color!

I used paper napkins for this informal setting. They have different veggies on them. I got them at Marshalls.

As you can maybe see from the tablecloth blowing, it was quite windy. It would've been impossible to have candles tonight!
Have a great Thursday everyone. Now be sure to go visit everyone's tables at Susan's site.
Thanks for visiting me!


  1. Well aren't you the early bird. Today is only Tuesday girl.
    The table looks very inviting but if I came today would there be dinner or would I have to wait until Thursday.
    I'll bet those grandchildren tuckered you out again.

  2. Very pretty - mind if I join you??

  3. Lori,
    A little secret, there's never (or very seldom), a dinner!! : )) I just like playing with the dishes. Must be an arty thing.

  4. Oh, I want to sit there and linger! Such a pretty table setting in such a pretty setting!
    Really nice!
    All the best,

  5. No dinner! You can bet you are not alone in that little scam.
    I actually commented on someones site that it was very nice to actually see food on her table. The best part I guess is that the dishes don't get dirty.

  6. Love the colors and that outdoor setting. Very nice job :0)

  7. Such a lovely alfresco tablescape, Shirley! Love the apple plates and colors you used. So inviting and festive even for an information setting!


  8. Love your colors in your tablescape, right up my alley. Great setting, thanks for sharing with us!

  9. What a pretty place to dine! I am in LOVE with those yellow plates with the nice texture around the rims. And those green cups from Starbucks. Looks so pretty together!

  10. Hi Shirley! I'm just a new visitor to Tablescapes Thursday, but I wanted to say what a sweet tablescape you have here today!.. Those CUTE plate for 60 cents a piece?!! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby by us!!!.. But I do have a Target nearby, and I'm going to have to look for this salt-n-pepper birds! ~tina

  11. Hi Shirley
    I can just see myself having a cup of coffee and breakfast at this table. Very pretty!


  12. Very cheery tablescape. I love that you put a yellow plate under the apple plate.

  13. The apple plates are so pretty!


  14. Love those apple plates! What a bargain!
    The table looks very inviting..I'll be right over..Oh I know, it is polite to wait for an invitation! :)

  15. Your apple plates look delicious! The theme of apples makes the table appetizing. This is a very color coordiinated table especially the layering of plates.

  16. Don't know How I missed this sweet little tablescape, it is adorable and so inviting...love the apple decor...Phyllis


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