Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's Goodwill Treasures 7/27

Everyone, you must go over to Rhoda's place to see what everyone has found. Her blog is at Thanks Rhoda for hosting this. We love to show our bargains! Look what I found below!!

First I'll show you these two little apple dishes, salad size, I got at Hobby Lobby in their 90% off aisle! I wish there had been four of them.

Yep, that's right $.60!!! A pretty good buy! I can see these fitting in with fall tablescapes too.

Here is my "haul" from Goodwill. (I had NO luck with garage sales today!) Below I show each item.

The little tea pot is the first thing I spotted today. It just holds one cup. Then I found those two dishes that almost matched perfectly! I love when that happens!

I thought these old dishes were pretty. They are like salad size. Lots of different choices for colored chargers under them. I got 4 of them at $1.00 each.

These are white plaster doves for the wall. I don't know . . . they "spoke" to me : )) (They were $1.50)

I like this little wire bird cage. I think it will look good with a fat candle in it. However, maybe I should paint it white . . . . (It was $1.50)

Yep, I like it painted white!

I was watching this lady in Goodwill. She drew my attention because she was on the phone the whole time talking. She'd pick up a few things, put them in her basket then change her mind and put them all back. Then she get some other things and do the same thing. Well, I saw she picked up this shabby chic tin basket I had missed!!!! so I just kept my eye on her and sure enough she put it back. That's when I pounced. Success!!!!! (It was $2.00)

I had to get the Thomas The Tank book for my granddaughter. He's her favorite at the moment. The clear jar I am going to put cornmeal in. I've been collecting them for my baking items and pastas. (The jar was $1.00 and Thomas was $.50)

Well, here is my big buck item from GW. It was marked $25. but with 35% off it was about $16. It's begging to be sprayed white I think. The mirror is beveled and I hope that smokiness I see is just dirt. I know just where I want to put it. I liked the shape of it.

Well, I hope you had fun looking for treasures too. Now, I'll go look at yours.
Happy Monday.


  1. What lovelies ... where you putting the mirror? TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Shirley! You found some great goodies. hey we found the same plates. Mine were from Goodwill, too. :0)

  3. It looks like you found some fabulous things at GW!

  4. I love the mirror! And the birdcage looks great white. Good finds.

  5. Wow Shirley, you did good ! Way to watch that shopper...most keep the things they pick up ! You were so lucky ~ Love your china !!!
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. I love the birdcage in white!!! Much better. :) Had to laugh about you stealthily following the lady through Goodwill for her basket. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by my spot, and for entering the Giveaway! :)

  7. Those doves would speak to ME TOO! Nice treasures!!!

  8. Love your finds!! Love hobby lobby clearance! Your dishes are great and I love that little teapot and mirror!!

  9. Shirley, too funy a story about the lady at the GW. I love to watch people in there.... they can be a hoot- I just run in, look, buy if they have something, and leave. No wandering and re-deciding for me! LOL Your mirror turn out great once you get it painted. Nice plates- I told ellenb that I have 3 complete sets of that pattern that I use for my catering. cute basket and bird cage.... Sue

  10. I see you found HL's 90% off isle also. :-)
    Pretty plate and I really like the birdcage.

  11. Oooh! The teapot, the birdcage, and the mirror all have my name on them! Great finds!

  12. I love the Hobby Lobby sale aisle. I’ve found some great items there. Your plates are too cute and the mirror is beautiful!
    Stop by my blog to read my most recent “funny” Goodwill story and share one that you may have. I’m going to compile them and post them all together for everyone to enjoy!

    Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training

  13. Hello Shirley - thank you for sharing all your finds! My fave is the mirror. I love the shape too and I think it would be beautiful painted heirloom white!


  14. O.K. Sis where's that mirror going?? ;-)

  15. Hey Shirl isn't that can about out of paint!! Should I buy you a case for Christmas ;-))??
    When you come to Erie I found the Good Will store that we can check out. You know I won't get there until you're here!!

  16. Wow, you found some great things this week! Love the teapot, and the birdcage, and that mirror is fantastic! It will look great painted white!


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