Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Week's Thrifty Treasures

Well, these are the things I hunted down this week. Be sure to visit Rhoda at to see what everyone participating has found! Isn't this fun!!

I think I did good this week at the garage sale and at Goodwill's 35% off day sale! These things below I got at one garage sale.

Closer look at the garage sale finds. Three Currier and Ives cups for $.25 each!!! This pretty little tin ($.25) and the decorative hand made, signed, red pottery snowman plate. (It was $3.00 (my splurge of the day!!!)

Here's a better view of the little lamp. I really like it. It's brass with a faux leather shade. I couldn't believe at but the lamp was $2.00! By the way that little picture of the dried flowers I got a few weeks ago. The frame was black and the matting was green I like it a lot better now!

Oh, I think I like it on the little table next to my bed!

I've started to collect clear jars and bottles to store things in. These will have pasta and tea in. I hope to have shelves in my kitchen to display them. Plus it's a handy way to know where things are.

Remember, 35% off day. Four black and white plates (Corelle) and a cute little porcelain bell.
Plates $.65 and bell $1.30.

Four glass plates and four Currier and Ives saucers for $1. each. 35% off day so each were $.65. I love Goodwill!

OK, yes it's roosters but some other farm animals too! It's a brand new long table runner. I couldn't really show it off as I don't have a big table yet! The second photo shows the ends. (All those rooster table settings are getting to me : )) This was at GW also for $.50

Here's a pillow sham that will blend in with the colors in my bedroom right now. ($.50)

I got this wall basket at GW for $.50. I'll paint it white and hang it on my kitchen porch door with maybe some pretty daisies in it.

And last but not least, another garden cat. I have one of these way back in my "secret garden", But this one will be out and more visible. I'll have to hide it when my granddaughter comes because she loves kitties and this is breakable.
Have a great Monday everyone! It is babysitting day on Monday!!! Pray for me!
He's quite handsome sitting on the deck isn't he?


  1. You got some great finds. Really like the lamp. i did not have any luck at yardsales on Sat.

  2. I love the garden cat!! You found alot of great things, but I love the garden cat!

  3. Shirley I will think good thoughts for you on Monday. Stay strong, hang in there, breathe deep and don't turn your back for a single second. When the day is done have a glass of wine and hit the sack.

  4. Very nice finds, you really got a lot for very little! Cute little lamp.

  5. I really like the basket for the door! That will be wonderful!

  6. Hi, Shirley! Thanks for the visit. :) I love the wall basket you found--what a steal!! I think it will look great in white. :)

  7. What a fun wall basket! Lots of options with that one!

  8. Awesome finds! I love that wall basket!! The pillow sham is pretty, love the colors! Your jars will be perfect for tea and pasta! You did awesome!


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