Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three or More & Outdoor Wednesdays at the Barn

This is my first posting at Three or More. But I have 3 horses and this is about my day with them so I suppose it qualifies. Be sure to visit Tam and all the participants at http://gypsycorner.blogspot.com/ I'm making this a double post along with Outdoor Wednesdays.

Here is my Wednesday outdoor report! Thank you Susan for hosting this fun time. Now, after you take a peek at my day with the horses, go see what everyone else has been up to at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

A lot of my "Outdoor Wednesdays" will be photos from my "other home", the barn. I'm always there on Tuesdays and every other day I don't have to babysit. This is a big part of my life. I wanted horses ever since I was little and it took till I was nearly 60 to have them!!! I totally enjoy every minute with them. It's true, there's something about women and horses. And here's another truism: "Every horse should be owned by a little girl at sometime in their lives."

They're coming to see what I'm doing. My two there have fly masks on.

That's Preacher

Oh, that fence makes a good scratching post!

I braided Echo's mane today. His mane is very long and gets tangled with knots if I don't keep after it. Echo is part clydesdale, part thoroughbred and his sire was a paint. (So that makes him a warmblood) He's big boned but not too much higher than my quarter horse.
(15.2 hands)

Satire, munching away, enjoying the summer day.

That's our "boys". From left to right . . . Echo, the black one, is a warmblood, 5 yrs old still training him; Preacher, a quarter horse, 15 yrs., my all around guy; and Satire, my daughter's senior Arabian. He's 30, a retired show horse and in great shape.

Leading out to the front pastures.

Some of our horse's stalls. You can see the inside arena through the big door there. Oops that's an inside picture!

The mountain of manure that WAS here gets hauled away every so often by landscape people who use the wonderful compost. Maybe that's more than you wanted to know but that's life at a barn : ))

OK, I'll "end" with this! That's me with shorter hair last spring, standing on an enormous mountain of manure! (20 horses make a lot of "debris" through the winter!!) Hope you enjoyed my horses and a day at the barn photos. I have at least a gazillion photos of our horses. Let me know if there are any "horse people" out there. Next time I'll do some riding photos and tell some horsey stories!
My daughter took this photo. She's a professional photographer. Go have a look at her beautiful website http://www.mzezulakphotography.com/
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday everyone. Drop me a line.


  1. What beautiful horses, and great photos of them. You are a busy, busy lady.

  2. Beautiful horses. I love the picture of the three horses together. They are amazing creatures.

  3. I love the 3 horse posing so nicely.

  4. Oh, Shirley, your horses are GORGEOUS! Is that black beauty a Dutch Warmblood? One of my best friends from high school shows them. He's my favorite, and I love his blaze! I rode years ago (Tennessee Walker for one), and I've always loved horses. They are magnificent creatures.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  5. They are beautiful, Shirley! And you look great.on top of the "world" :)

  6. wow... everything is stunning.

    My dream is to just be near enough horses to be able to bask in their beauty. I think they are sincerely one of gods best creations-- next to us of course :)

    Thanks for the adventure.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  7. Your horses are fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us.


  8. Yes I really did enjoy seeing your horses! And even you standing on poo! What a fun post... I especially loved the photo of your three horses with their ears perked up! Great photos...
    Have a great week.
    ~Really Rainey~

  9. I enjoy horses but not like my Mother-in-law. She helps with a horse rescue and is in her element there.

    Your photos are great.
    The horses look happy in their beautiful surroundings.

    Have a Happy Day!
    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  10. Loved seeing your horses and I love their names. The photos are all wonderful, but my favorite is you on the manure! I must say that is something I haven't seen in blogland. Our neighbors a few blocks away have horses and we stop by now and again to pick some up to nourish our garden.

  11. Great post, I love your horse, and your story sounds like mine. I always wanted horses as a girl and it took me until I was all grown up to have one of my own. We love quarter horses but have an Arabian and also just got a pony for the the granddaughter. . .They are great therapy! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Shirley, beautiful pictures and horses. Just amazing! Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  13. Beautiful horses...I miss having horses and have been seriously thinking about getting back into riding. I sold my sorrel mare, Copper and gelding Saquaro, a few years ago as I kept finding myself too busy to ride them and give them the attention they deserved. I'm still just as busy with work, but I seem better able to manage than I used to...I think I've finally had a perspective change over the past 3-4 years. Seeing your beauties makes me really miss them.

  14. Your pictures are beautiful! There is nothing more beautiful that horses! :) Thanks for sharing.

    Donna Marie

    PS Your daughters website is awesome!

  15. Your horses are just beautiful animals. I can see why you love them.

  16. Oh my goodness! Those horses are so "cute". I bet each one has their own personalities just like humans. Enjoy them and spoil them!
    Joyce M

  17. Lovely horses! We have 2 right now - but have my hubby's paint gelding up for sale this week. He has no time for riding, with additional work hours at his job, and no accrued vacation time till next year. My mare is 24 - a Standardbred. I used to train harness racers (pacers) on the track at Morrison, Illinois some years ago. Just love the breed - you can do anything with them, they have been around so much hub bub! Have a great day!

  18. Love the pictures! Horses are such amazing creatures.


  19. Oh I sure could use that manure here.
    You know just the other day I was thinking about your daughters horse photos. The problem was I couldn't remember who's daughter it was and where her photos were. Perfect timing.
    I will give her a mention on my site if it is okay with her. I will head there now and check.

  20. Shirley, here is the link to the post on my site regarding your daughter. Her eye for photography is amazing.



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