Saturday, July 25, 2009

Riding Echo

Went to the barn today. I spent the day letting horses run in the arena as it was muddy out in the pastures. I ran a little herd of 6 of them around to let them get some exercise out of their stalls. Thought you might want to see a video of me on Echo a couple months ago. My daughter was taping and incidentally she took this beautiful photo of him. Below is the link to YouTube.

By the way turn off the blog music before you watch YouTube as it has music too. ( The play list is near the top under my profile.)

Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Beautiful horse!!! We sadly sold our paint gelding this past weekend - no time for hubby to ride him the past 2 yrs. Now hubby is regretting the sale - seller's remorse!

  2. Shirley, loved watching you on your horse, it made me remember everything that I love about 'horse therapy time'! Keep posting pictures you are inspiring me to get back into something I really miss!

  3. Shirley I was reading somewhere that you where looking for the easy glide things to put under furniture to move. There are at Home Depot.


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