Friday, July 10, 2009


Just a little post to tell you about my day. I had to have the plumber out to check my boiler and while he was here, I thought I'd have him change my two outdoor spigots. They were leaking and were all crusted with lime. You know . . . well water!! Anyway, he fixed one and then informed me he couldn't get to the front one as I had a hornet's nest right there!!! And to think I was just out there the night before trimming my boxwood with a big cordless trimmer!!! It's a wonder I didn't get attacked. Anyway, I had to call the "Bee-Gon" guy and he came and took care of it. Tomorrow I can remove the nest. Phew!!!!!!!!
Did you know that the hornets make that nest by chewing on wood (probably my mulch) and making a pulp with their saliva to make the paper nests!! Are they clever or what! Well, they shouldn't have put it right where me and my dog are! All gone!


  1. Shirley, I worked under a large azalea bush one afternoon pulling tons of weeds and trimming. I saw a dirty off white soccer ball stuck in my shrub and was just about to grab it when I realized it was a huge nest.
    My exterminator guy told me they were Bald Faced Hornets and were extremely aggressive and mean. Now I have to say they didn't bother one bit while I worked under their home, but had I grabbed it I might not have made it into my house. Whew.

  2. We both just 'nailed' by a ton of hornets while trimming our azaleas bushes ... OUCH! lmtu! TTFN ~Marydon


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