Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday Party and a Note on "the Ball"

Tuesday, the 6th was my grand-daughter's 6th birthday!
I don't know how she got this old so quick!!
And I must say, she is scary smart!!  Both her and her brother are amazingly brilliant!
OK, now I'll stop bragging.

Here are a couple photos of the day.

Ava, the birthday girl.

Ava and brother Jack.

Her first Breyer horse.  Of course my daughter Michele gave it to her.  It looks just like Satire.  Ava got to ride Satire a couple times.

My son, Carl and his wife, Linda and their family.  

And now about "the Ball".
I switched to my chair yesterday . . . "OUCH"
So now I'm back on the ball.  You are definitely more aware of your posture when you're sitting on the ball.  But I'm sorry to say it isn't a quick cure-all!!  (for me any way)



  1. Happy birthday Ava. And many more - your grands are so cute. And it is a ball chair? Good luck.


    1. Chatty Crone, It's an exercise ball that I'm using as a seat to sit and balance on.

  2. Anything that mentions Satire makes me happy!


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