Monday, March 25, 2013

Fitness Clinic at the Barn

Our barn put on a "Five Minute Fitness Fixes to Improve Your Riding and Driving".
It was this past Saturday and was fun and entertaining as are all of Sarah Vas's clinics.
Craig Cassell, a personal fitness instructor was there too.  He added some more exercises to add to the ones he taught us the last two clinics.  The clinic showed us which exercises that we could do that could improve our personal problems when we ride.
This is part of the "Back in the Saddle " Series.
My guy Echo was one of the demo horses along with Jake, Sephanie's horse.  Stephanie Brown is Sarah Vas's Riding and Training assistant.
Echo likes being in these demonstrations because he gets lots of attention and doesn't have to work real hard!  In fact there's a lot of just standing and walking going on.

The next clinic is a class on the lunge line and vaulting and is April 27th 2-4pm.
That will be a really fun time on the horses.

Address and more info is at the bottom of her site.


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