Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photographer at the Barn

One of the days last week, my daughter, Michele, came out to do a "ribbon shoot" of some of Sarah's last years wins.  Sarah Vas, owner of Winfield Farm and Forge, show their arabs and arab crosses and also horses she has in training to show.  She mostly shows in the A level shows in the east and the midwest.

Michele took one of me on Preacher when I wasn't looking!

While we were there, Sarah was working with an arab stallion that she just got in a couple weeks ago to be trained and broke to ride.
It's a pleasure to watch and very educational.
She trains with love and compassion for the horse.  She takes as long as it takes, no rushing and no severe techniques at the expense of the horse.
She's the best trainer I've ever watched and also the best riding teacher, along with her assistant, Stephanie.

A good day at the barn.
I sure hope it warms up soon, so I can get back to riding more!


Here's Winfield Farm's website.  Located in Grafton, OH
Also look at the up coming events.  


  1. Hey, Shirley,
    That's a great pic of you on the horse. And a very impressive pile of ribbons she has.

  2. Thank you for the credit Mom. Love you!


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