Monday, March 25, 2013

It Snowed So I Went Shopping!

It snowed AGAIN!!!

The only one that likes it is my St. Bernard!!!
He'd sprawl out there in the snow all day if I'd let him!

I'm tired of the cold and the snow like everyone here in the north!
I'm starting to get a LITTLE DEPRESSED!!!!!
So, what to do??
I say:
Go shopping  : ))

I went to a favorite little antique place in town.

I always find something there.
Like this pretty little tea cup and saucer.


And this cute little chicken egg basket!  
Love it.
If you put the handles down they're shaped like wings!
Now, see, those 2 little things just brightened my whole day!

I then went to Walmart to pick up some groceries and I found a good pair of loppers.   
(Someone had borrowed mine last year and never returned them!!)
Of course my bill was about $100. for it all!
But I won't think about that!

So then I took myself out to lunch at Panera!
(On a gift card  : ))
So that was free.

I do feel better now!


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  1. Seeing that handsome fellow always brightens my day.


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