Friday, March 29, 2013

Predator Precautions

I'm always worried about the raccoons getting into the chicken run or the coop.  The coop is pretty predator proof, but there's a couple places that need more reinforcing in the run.  I don't think they could open the little pop door but you never know about raccoons!  They are so smart and have opposable thumbs!!!  I hope all my latches are good enough but just in case I got 4 Night Guards.
They are solar powered and emit a red flashing light only at night.
From all I read from people who have them, they work really well.
I also put one by the garage door because the raccoons are getting into the garage 
and eating the barn cat's cat food.  Could be an opossum too because I saw
one of those one night!

I hope these really work and keep those guys away that want a free chicken dinner!!!

I'd be pretty darn upset if they got Martha!!!
(or any of my five!)



  1. Oh my gosh I all with you!!! The racoons are super smart and should be watched carefully!!! :)


  2. I love the way you take such good care of your beautiful chickies I hope those things work, anything to keep the pretties safe at night is a good thing...

  3. I have a problem with hawks. Lost 5 hens last year. I want to use a netting over top but what if the hawk doesn't see it and becomes tangled up in it? Then that's a whole new problem!

  4. I love your animals there - and I wish you a blessed Easter.

  5. Maybe we are lucky, we don't have racoons here but do have a problem with fruit bats they eat all fruits and leave a mess when they are finished.


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