Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Sucks

There comes a time every March when I've had ENOUGH!
I've had enough cold, enough gray days, and enough rain/sleet/snow falling from the sky!
Enough WIND!!!
Enough mud!
You got it all wrong this year Punxsutawney Phil!!!
(and I had such high hopes after your prediction!!)
I just heard a long range weather forecast.
It's supposed to stay cold through March and into early April.
Makes me think every March that possibly I sold the wrong property!
(We had a house on Anna Maria Island, right on the gulf, that I sold after Jack passed away!)
Yep, right across the road from this!
(I think of Anna Maria a lot every March!)

Yes, there comes a time every March that I get stubborn and refuse to leave my house except for short trips to the chicken coop.
I refuse to go anywhere that isn't warm and I don't have to put on my Carhartts!
Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 30!
On the first day of Spring.
(in name only evidently)



  1. I don't blame you, I would not go out unless I had too...I cannot understand weather that cold, in Ca when it is in the 50's we are freezing...I love your photo skills and hope you talk about them someday so I can improve my pictures...love your posts and the photos

  2. Us too, Shirley! It snowed here again and we might get more Monday! I love snow and Winter, but I am soooo ready for warmer days and nights!...:)JP


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