Sunday, April 25, 2010

Angus, a Horse

Meet Angus

He is the most beautiful little quarter horse. He's not mine but I do look after him a little as he, for some unknown reason, isn't allowed out in the pasture with the herds. They say it's because he runs the fence and gets all stressed. Well, last year he was out every time my daughter and I came to the barn because we left him out to test him. He does kick at one of the oldest horses so we'd put the older horse back in his stall for the second half of the day and let Angus out. He was just fine.

This year they are still not finding him the herd he'll fit in with so he gets to just be in the runway area, but that only happens when we or our friend lets him. Otherwise he is in his 10 x 12 stall 24/7 and that's just not right. Horses are herd animals. Look at him looking longingly out where the herds are.

If I could afford another board, I'd buy this guy. He has a sweet personality. He cribs a little but I'm sure that's because he's in his stall all the time! BOREDOM will cause that and other vices.

So when we are at the barn, we let him out and he runs back and forth in the little runway and into the arena. But he wants to be outside. He wants to be with the other horses.

He NEEDS to be out!!! When he hears me come into the barn, he calls out. I feel so bad that he's not out. It's really sad.

He gets thirsty just running back and forth and I have to keep filling the little bucket.

Look how beautiful he is!!!

I'm hoping that special someone I'm thinking about sees this : ))
I love you Angus!


  1. Sad....poor angus. At least he can look forward to your visits. Is he for sale?

  2. I'm glad that poor Angus has you as a friend. He must feel really happy when you visit - bless you for caring.

  3. Very Nice Mom! Yes Angus is for sale and he is a wonderful people horse. He is a good horse to ride and would be a great show horse! He is a flashy guy.

  4. What a pretty animal! Horses are definitely herd animals. Being alone is hard on them. My mare was lonely when we sold my hubby's gelding, then we acquired Candy (I posted about her dental work!) and Suzy has a friend once more!


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