Saturday, April 3, 2010

Satire in the Spring, Video

This is one of our most favorite videos of our first Arab named Satire. It was taken in 2005 when he was 25 yrs old! He's 30 now and still going strong. Arabs are like that you know!
Before clicking on the YouTube video please turn off my Playlist music on the right side bar near the top, as this video has it's own music. Enjoy!

Happy Easter,


  1. What a beautiful creature he is Shirley!

    You can see how very thrilled he was to be outside, feeling all peppy. Great video!


  2. Oh Shirley,
    This brought tears to my eyes...I had a mustang mare that moved very much like Satire...I owned her for 23 wonderful years.....God bless him and you, it is obvious he is well loved and taken care of!

  3. This is my beautiful baby!!!!! Isn't he amazing....I love him with all of my heart. Truly blessed to have him....I LOVE this video of him. Happy Easter everyone! Rejoice He has RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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