Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Can't I Find a Table!

On the Hunt for the Perfect Table

I know I haven't written on my blog for about a week!! My sister is visiting and besides that, I have started my babysitting of my two grandkids this past week. That will take up 2 days of the week. (After which I'm thoroughly exhausted.) The other days of the week are my barn days. My daughter and I split days.
Today my sister and I went to several antique shops and furniture stores to no avail. Below are pictures of what I have in mind. And I'm not good at settling for something else I may add : )) Once I get a picture of what I want in my mind, that's it!!
The bottom picture shows the type of chairs I have. (Fan back windsors)

Now, what's so hard that I cant find this farm table, this harvest table, just a nice plank table!!

It's to go in my newly redone dining room. I NEED A TABLE!!!!!
The only other kind I would even consider if I absolutely can't find this type, is a gate-leg long drop leaf. (But that would be an entirely different look.) I'm taking my sister to show her that one tomorrow at the local antique mall. I'll try to sneak a picture of it. That is if it's still even there!!!!!
Anyone have any ideas????



  1. Oh Shirley, keep looking! Don't settle. A dining room -- especially one as beautiful as yours is now --needs a perfect table!!!

    Use a card table in the meantime if you must, but don't settle; that perfect table is out there, with your name on it ... and the hunt is ON.


  2. I agree with Cass, if you settle for something that's not really what you imagined you'll never be happy with it. It really IS worth waiting for the right one to come along....and you WILL find what you're looking for :o)

    Rose H

  3. Ditto!!!!
    Cover something you already have with a tablecloth or something until you get the one you want.


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