Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blues for Monday 4/26

I'm joining Smiling Sally for "Blue Monday" this week. Visit her site to see the rest of the participants.

My forget-me-nots are in full bloom. I love these because when they are done blooming you have the pretty silvery leaves the rest of the summer.

This is one of my birthday presents from my sister, She printed out an old picture of my husband on canvas paper and framed it for me. This was taken down on
Anna Maria Is, FL where we used to have a house.

Here's my collection of Currier & Ives so far. I pick them up piece by piece usually. Yesterday I saw a gravy boat in an antique shop but they wanted more than I usually pay : ))

I saw this in the same antique shop. It's a chamber pot but so pretty. I wonder why they had such beautiful ones considering what they were used for!!! That's the victorian era for you : ))
Have a good Monday everyone.


  1. Oh Shirley,

    Your forget-me-nots are gorgeous. How I'd love to have them in my yard too!

    What a special gift that picture is--such a great shot!

    I love, love, love your collection of blue and white china.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Hi Shirley! LOVE all your beautiful Currier and Ives dishes, but I have to smile about the chamber pot! I can EASILY see myself purchasing this, serving soup in it for some big dinner, with important guests round my table, and somebody blurting out "Hey, you know what this really IS??!".. Such a pretty piece, but such a funny (and probable) scenario, don't you think?! Happy Blue Monday! ~tina

  3. It does in full bloom. Love your blue china collection. Happy MOnday!

    Blue Monday~Blue Jars2

  4. Happy Blue Monday. Maybe the chamber pots are so pretty because of their use? ?? Enjoyed your post - some lovely blues there! And the forget-me-nots? Wonderful!

  5. Beautiful blossoms!! Just lovely. Lovely collection.

  6. Absolutely loved the beautiful Forget me nots and your blue and white dishes are gorgeous! Check out my Tea Time Tuesday post to see similar dishes in green.


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