Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Baked Bread!

Well, the bread was baked in my kitchen! My bread maker did it but I added the ingredients : )
I used to bake bread at least every other day in a bread maker. When I got my first one, a Breadman, I didn't BUY bread for over a year but then it gave out. I got out of the habit. Now I have this Toastmaster one that makes regular looking long loaves instead of the tall ones. However, until I found out the secret (I think), it never made really good loaves that raised right!

Now this loaf came out really good. It was bigger but my sister and I couldn't wait to have a nice thick slice of warm bread with butter and strawberry jam. Mmmmmmm.

Now for the secret. (I think) First of all I'm using my Breadman cookbook recipes again. And it always calls for the flour amount of 14 oz. (or 3 cups). Well, 14 oz. is a lot more accurate so I am back to using my scale to measure the flour and right away the loaf is coming out correctly! So that's why I think that's the secret!
I really am going to make bread the real way with the kneading and everything but I've got to work myself up to it : ))
Any real bread makers out there?
I just bet there are!


  1. I don't use my breadmaker because it leaves a big hole in the bottom from the paddle. All the jam would leak out.

  2. I have been making all our bread from a bread machine for about a year now and plan to continue to do so. I don't do kneading as it takes more time and my hands really can't take it. Love the smell of bread baking and that first warm slice. Never tire of that!
    Country Blessings,

  3. I have been the oven....but the yeast just never works for me.


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