Friday, April 23, 2010

A visitor!

Well, when I got home from riding today, I looked in my side yard and thought I saw something big going behind my garage. I went over there and low and behold here was a turkey!! All by himself, no others with him! He was just wandering around pecking at bugs or something in the grass!! I had to run and get my camera of course. He slowly wandered off across the golf course!

Hello!! Have you seen any girl turkeys around?
I hope he finds a friend!


  1. I think he knew you were taking his picture..he looked straight at you..:). Where did little turkey come from??? hmmmmmm, a mystery.

  2. Last week I came across two blogs with turkeys as the topic and now this one here.
    So what is up with that? Is it turkey month in the US?

  3. I saw one in my yard today too!! How funny, usually they run in packs or is it herds?


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