Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink Saturday Misc.

I'm joining Beverly for "Pink Saturday". I don't have a lot of pinks but I stop by every once in awhile with some things I've found. Visit her blog and see the whole list of participants.

This was a photo I took a couple years ago of one of the barn cats. He looked so pretty in amongst the pink flowers.

Just took this. My azalea is in full bloom even though its 35 degrees!

Also my lungwort is blooming it little head off! I have to remember to get more of these this year. They are a great shade plant. After blooming they have pretty leaves.

I'm looking forward to my hollyhocks again this year. Wouldn't be a cottage garden without hollyhocks. I like the single old fashioned kind.

And last but not least, here is my very own pink rock!! It was here with the house and sits in the back door garden.
Happy Pink Saturday.


  1. Beautiful flowers Shirley. I love hollyhocks too. In fact I think my neighbor gave me some seeds last summer. Maybe I can get them planted in time for summer.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Shirley! Your garden is lovely. I'm crazy for hollyhocks and azaleas, especially the pink ones!

    Have a lovely "pink" weekend!


  3. Hi Shirley, I am loving those lovely flowers. I have a weakness for flowers and love to pick them and bring them in my home. Thanks for sharing them.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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