Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm Going For the Amenities

Yes, Amentities!

Clean, clean, clean and NO COBWEBS!!!!
Huge arena with no dust, deep footing.
12x12 windowed stalls with deep bedding done daily, 7 days/week.
Horses fed 4 x day.
Large wash bay with warm & cold water.

I have always dreamed of having my own farm with a great little barn and some land for my horses. However as time goes on, I have begun to realize that maybe this isn't going to happen. I've had horses for about 10 years and have always boarded them. During that time I have been at 3 different barns. I've always paid full board but always have ended up doing some share of the work. Sometimes because I just wanted to and sometimes out of necessity. There has been good and bad things at each boarding barn mostly because "no one would do it the way you would if you had your own place". I'm really not that picky.
However, I have reached a time in my life when I want the amenities. I don't want to have to muck stalls anymore or clean and fill water buckets, clean food bowls or break ice in the water buckets in the winter and fret about wet stalls. . . while still paying full board mind you!!!  I don't want to breath dust or have my horses breath it. I don't want everything that's there covered with a layer of dust. I'm so over that!!
I know I'll always have horses in my life and it's time to be able to go to the barn, get my horses out and just groom and ride them or play with them. It's the same distance for me and half the distance for my daughter. We'll be able to just ride together again; after all, that's what we got horses for in the first place. We'll have a warm place to go sit and have coffee or lunch and watch the horses or riders in the arena. A place with a trainer and teacher and an assistant trainer and teacher who have a great reputation and have the same thoughts about horses as we do and on top of everything else, a group of horse people that are really nice, down to earth and friendly!!
No Drama!

Lounge/viewing room.

Tack room with washer and dryer.
Here's the way I see it.
For an extra $100/mo. per horse, you get: an immaculate barn (NO COBWEBS!!!!!), a huge lighted wash bay with warm and cold water, a huge arena with deep, no dust footing, a big comfortable viewing room that over looks the arena with chairs and tables like a lunch room, couch and other soft chairs, a huge heated tack room with a washer and dryer!!, private client lockers, an outdoor arena, 20 acres of pasture, about 6 inches of bedding in each 12 x 12 stall with windows, and the horses can see each other stall to stall, stalls completely cleaned daily, heated water buckets in winter and fans in summer, an indoor, nice clean heated bathroom, horses get fed 4 X day, great feed and quality hay, turn out except in mud and your horse is blanketed when needed (no extra$), worming and vaccines done by barn if you want and you are just charged for the product.
Is it worth an extra $100/mo./horse. I'd say so!!!!!!!!!!
I'm moving the first week in April!
Did I mention, NO COBWEBS!!


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