Wednesday, March 14, 2012

June in March!!

It's not even the middle of March yet, (well, almost), and it was in the 70's and is supposed to be that warm for the next week at least!!
The dogs were out most of the day except when my coop builder man was using his nail gun. They are such "chickens"!! They just tremble and want in the house!
And ROCKY, you're a gun dog!!!!
Here Rocky is keeping an eye on the road.

He also lets Ellie bully him! She's is herding him away!

Some more progress on my coop today. We have two wall structures and a doorway and the start of insulation. I think my coop builder left to go play golf!

Rocky wants to know when the chickens are coming!!

I took a walk around the yard and everything is popping up fast!

My ferns never did lose their color and die back this winter!

Daffodils about to open. I love Spring!

This little spruce is in my front garden and isn't a good place for it. I've either got to have someone move it for me or maybe it will be next year's Christmas tree. It's about 4 ft. tall.

Here's Ellie keeping watch out front.
Hope you are having nice spring days where you are too.
Tomorrow I go to the barn.


  1. Wow! Its all sprouting up there! We just started here! :) Lovely pics!


  2. Chickens, oh you lucky girl. Not that I want to take care of them but they look so cute. Can't wait to see how Rocky feels about them, or Ellie for that matter.

  3. Can I come too? I love reading about your horses and your dogs and cat. Enjoy your Spring. It is wonderful here in Michigan too.

  4. Gosh, Rocky reminds me so much of my GSP even though he's an English! And yes, they do quiver and want in...Kiera was "gun" shy which was fine with me!...:)JP


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