Friday, March 30, 2012

CrockPot Pantry Chicken Stew

I linked this recipe with Foodie Friday.

I got this recipe, as you see, from the Kraft Food site. It's healthy and delicious.

Everything goes in the pot except the cream cheese and the frozen peas.
I let mine cook on low for 8 hours because I like my carrots to be done and not crunchy and they take forever!! I should've cut them smaller.

You add the cream cheese and peas the last 30 minutes.

I served mine over brown rice but it would be good over thick noodles too.

The mushrooms I used were fresh Baby Portabellas.

This recipe makes a lot and I froze some.
The change I would make is maybe add the whole tub of cream cheese instead of half. I wanted to taste it more. But still wonderful!!

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  1. Wow, this does sound good. I love the addition of the chive and onion cream cheese spread. I actually have that in my fridge!


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