Saturday, March 31, 2012

Monk's E-Collar!!!!!!!

Poor Monk looks so pathetic. BUT he has two hot spots that he won't leave alone and I haven't been able to find anything that will work to keep him from licking and biting them.
So I sent for the "Comfy Cone". The biggest size they have. An XX-Large and it just barely fit him on the last velcro closure.

He's not happy!
The edge is reflective. That's why it's all lit up with the flash!!!
See his new hot spot on his upper back leg.

It looks comfy . . .

Monk says, "Yea Right!!! Phooooooey."

Rocky is just glad it's not for him!


  1. Haha! cute!!!! Monk looks so sad! :P But we all know hes going to get better, too bad you cant explain it to them! :)


  2. Oh my! I was afraid that that was going to happen, Shirley! Rocky looks frightened of Monk's new look!...:)JP


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