Friday, March 23, 2012

Coop Progress

First I have to show off my beautiful forsythia bush in the front garden. This is looking out my library window.

Same bush from outside. I wanted to get a picture because it's supposed to storm tonight and might knock all the blooms off.

The Building of the Coop

Well here is my chicken coop so far. I will have to do some painting and decorating when it's done : )) It's coming along nicely except my carpenter friend is building it like it was an extension room on my house!!! He can't help himself he says, he's a carpenter!
The door will have a window in it with hardware wire so there is good ventilation and there's window in there opposite the door. The openings all along the top are also hardware wire.

See my little nesting boxes.

He'll have to put a strip of wood at the bottom the the boxes so the eggs don't roll out!

This will be the coop chicken door out to the run. It makes me laugh that he puts those things in front of it. I don't know what that would keep out? : ))
He's going to put linoleum on the floor to make it easier to clean.
I have to find him some pictures of some roost poles so he knows what I'm talking about.
It's coming along isn't it? My chicks aren't coming till the middle of May and then won't get to be out here to near July so we have plenty of time.


  1. So happy to see progress! You must be thrilled!!! :D


  2. What a nice coop that is going to be! Lucky chickens!
    Your forsythia bush is beautiful. I remember a few weeks ago rushing out to take pics of my azaleas too because we were going to get a storm and the blossoms would be on the ground


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