Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shampoo Day for Monk

Today was shampoo and grooming day for Monk.
I can't take pictures during the process because if he sees me he won't behave and just wants to come with me. The owner of the barn where I have my horses for another week also grooms dogs and has a big area where she can do a big huge dog like Monk.
He knows Carol and is comfortable there.
He's all fluffy now, so soft and smells good.

(That's a hot spot on his back foot we are trying to heal if he'd just let it alone! Vetericyn spray 3 times a day seems to be working the best.)

What a handsome boy!!


  1. Monk has come on in leaps and bounds since you found each other Shirley, he seems to be very happy and contented :o)

    Love the new Spring header!

    Have a great week.

    Rose H

  2. He is a looker, isn't he?
    P.S. Shirley, I LOVE your header!!!...:)JP


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