Saturday, March 10, 2012

Put a Sock On It!!

Monk has a big "hot spot" on his left back foot. It's like 2" X 3" and he won't leave it alone. It has to be able to dry out with the powdered medication I have for it to heal. But he keeps licking it when ever he thinks I'm not looking or when I leave. So yesterday I put a sock on it.
I first used paper tape but that didn't hold at all

So I switched to good old duct tape!
Let me see you get that off!!
No it's not too tight.

He's not too happy with this whole procedure!
Now if this doesn't work we may have to get a HUGE e-collar!!
I'd say about the size of an umbrella!!
There goes my house!


  1. HOW CUTE!!!!! Oh I hope your boy gets better soon! :)


  2. Smoochie to Monk right on that big nose. I think food allergies can cause this can't they. With our lab it was always her ears but I have heard of other dogs getting the hot spots from food.

  3. I can't even imagine how big of a collar he would actually need, Shirley! What a great idea...thanks!...:)JP


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