Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts While at Panera!

I ate an early supper at Panera yesterday. I always get practically the same thing every time I eat there! The Take Two with the turkey artichoke sandwich and one of their soups. I like all their soups. Never had one I didn't like! Yesterday I had French onion. Delicious. They were also having any pastry for 99 cents sale so I got a big (warmed) chocolate chip cookie. For my coffee, I mix half decaf and half hazelnut.
That's it, every time, the same thing, but I like it. I eat there quite a lot!
Anyway, as I was sitting there munching on my cookie with my coffee, I thought of the best things I could blog about. If I had a computer with me I could've had the best blog on here yesterday!
Of course, because I'm on the computer late in the evening, I can sit here forever and sometimes absolutely no ideas come to me. It's like my brain has already gone to bed and is upstairs just waiting for my body to follow.
I don't have a laptop right now, so I can't take one to Panera. Maybe I should blog earlier in the day!!


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