Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Ride on Preacher etc.

My daughter and I meet at least once a week to ride.  We got to the barn a little late and the trainer had just got done working Echo so we decided to just both ride Preacher.
It was still hot yesterday so Preacher had no energy and was ready to go back to his stall before we even started but he put up with us for about 45 minutes.
These pictures were just taken with my phone so any movement ones aren't very clear.

I love the deep, no dust footing in this arena!!!!

Good boy, Preacher.
I know those aren't very exciting pictures but the video I took wasn't any better and Michele would kill me if I put it on here  : ))


So, here at home I got my coop signs put up.

This one is on the gate to the run.

My new handy man, who I really like, straightened up my garage as much as he could.  At least I can get my car in there!  Now I have to go through stuff and start ridding out!
My new handy man also cleaned out all my gutters on the house, even on the high part.  He cut down a bunch of dead limbs from my trees, cleaned up around the area, trimmed some of my hedges till my battery operated hedge clippers gave out.  He's bringing his electric ones next time.  He's going to power wash my porches, scrape them and paint them with oil based paint.  (I hate using oil based paint when I paint.)  Of course that's probably why the porches need painted every other year!!  I'll have him back in a week or two.  In the meantime, I'm working on my to-do list for him!

Well, that's it for this mish-mash post for today!
If it cools down, I plan on going to the barn the next couple days.
Be good.


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  1. Riding Preacher did you both good as I'm sure, although pooped, he enjoyed it as much as you did, Shirley! Funny how we all accumulate "stuff" and then have to get rid of it!!! But your hen-house looks GREAT!!!!!...:)JP


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