Friday, August 10, 2012

Houston, There's a Problem!

It rained a lot last night and today.  (A blessing!)
But it's the first substantial rain we've had since I put the tarp on top of the chicken run!
This was already a lot of water up there.

And very heavy as you can see, it's starting to bow the top of the run!!

The ground was already soaked so I poked a couple holes in the tarp to get the water down.

There's a stream of water going into that bucket.

I took off one of the tarps.  It can't get any wetter in there!
Now I've got to come up with a better plan or just leave it open.
These tarps wouldn't work in the winter anyway with heavy snow laying on them.
Any ideas people????



  1. You should try something on an angle, so that water and snow can slide off. :) Maybe at and angle and solid plastic instead of tarp? :)


  2. As long as the girls have shelter (which they do) I'd be mighty tempted to leave it open, Shirley...:)JP

  3. I can only suggest rigging up an apex framework that way when the tarp is on water/snow will run off...
    Rose H


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