Monday, August 27, 2012

Update on Animal Things!

•Rocky is doing fine.  No more re-occurrences of seizure activity thank goodness.

•Monk's allergies haven't improved at all since he's been on his special food and nothing else.  He's been on it almost a full month now.  I'm hoping there will be a big improvement after the first hard freeze!  If not, it's going to get even more expensive!!

•Preacher clipped and threw another shoe!  2nd one in a week!!  Another $50+

(If I didn't have animals, I'd be wealthy!!!  But oh what a boring life!!)

•Pepsi was missing for a day and a half and I was starting to fear the worse.  (cars or coyotes)
But this morning after if started to rain, she came home!  She was hungry and very glad to see me.  I don't know if she wandered off and it took her awhile to find her way back or what.

She's afraid to come into the house.  She's never lived in a house before plus my dogs and other (not so nice) cat is in here!  She may try it after she's here awhile.  At least I got flea medicine on her now.

•My chickens are doing good.


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  1. Holy moose-poops, certainly have your hands full of excitement and LOVE!!!...:)JP


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