Friday, August 3, 2012

Way Too Hot!

I'm really beginning to hate this summer!!
I am looking forward to cooler temps!  Dare I say even a nice winter!!!!!
It was in the 90's again today and will be tomorrow too.  It's too hot to do anything so I don't even go to the barn on these days.  I'm so thankful that we are boarding in a place that we don't have to worry about our horses and don't feel we have to be there all the time.

I filled up Monk's pool with fresh cool water, even though he doesn't want to be out long enough to even go in it.  I was tempted to do some wading myself today.

I gave the girls their own little pool to stand in too.
They have been doing pretty well in this heat.  They are in shade but it is still suffocating outside.
They haven't even been panting.  I keep their water cold and give them cold watermelon most hot days.

I found this wooden plaque that I had put away in the garage.  Cleaned it all off and hung it on my kitchen door.

This is a photo of my cone flowers about a month ago before all the 90 degree days and no rain!
I'm not showing you my gardens now!  Nothing is blooming.
 and my grass has all but gone dormant!

There is a slim chance for a storm and rain over the weekend.  I'm hoping!!!!
I made an appearance at our county fair a couple days ago but it was too hot to enjoy so I didn't stay very long.
All I can say is thank heavens for air conditioning!!!!



  1. I AM WITH YOU! This summer can end TODAY! lol Good luck to you and all your critters in this heat! :) Lovely hangie you found!


  2. I hear ya! We have been having 100+ temps for a month now. My dogs only go out as necessary, and only for a minute. It's like winter in that sense. Since my cone flowers dried out, I have been having lots of goldfinches eating the seed. Watch for them, they sit right on top of the head and pull. SO cute. Cold watermelon? Chicken spa!

  3. We are having a warm spell too but nothing like you are getting down there. So far we are all enjoying it and winter wishes are a long way off.
    Nothing like a wet towel to cool yourself down. Soak it,wring it out and then cover yourself with it. You will feel like you are in an air conditioned room.

  4. Hi Shirley, Love your header photos, especially your home (LOVELY!) and you with Monk and Rocky. Hope it's cooling off and that you are getting rain. What a summer this has been!


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