Friday, August 24, 2012

Rocky Has a Seizure

I was just about to get ready to go meet Michele at the barn about 1pm and I was letting the dogs out and Rocky had a full blown, grand mal seizure right on the edge of the deck of which he fell off of during the seizure.  I got him on his side and it lasted a full minute or more then he slowly came out of it.  He was a little confused at first and a little wobbly but by the end of an hour he was fine and running around.  He was restless but then came in and sat with me on the couch and went into a deep sleep for a couple hours.  He seems fine now.  Never stopped eating or drinking.  I talked to the vet and she said it could be a change in his metabolism because he is 9 now and this could be just an isolated one.  If he has anymore in the next week or if he acts different than normal then she wants to see him.  His last bloodwork was the end of January and was all normal.  Of course there's lots of things that can cause seizures.  So of course I stayed home with him all day.  He's been acting normal the rest of the day.

"Mom, really, I'm fine!"

I just hate that our pets have to get old!



  1. So very sorry Rocky had a seizure.
    May all go better.
    God bless,

  2. I do hope that Rocky will be just fine -- we've got an older little guy too.....beginning to slow down and is in his senior years as well...the vet has recommended stopping some of his shots now because of age and condition. It's a bittersweet time in that wonderful relationship of pets.

  3. I hope Rocky is okay, sorry to read he's had a seizure.
    Rose H

  4. Poor Rocky. He is such a sweetheart. Love hearing about both of your dogs.
    We are struggling with an aging cat. She is such a love, but her age (15) is really showing up these days. Don't like it one bit.

  5. How scary! My son has an English Pointer and he just adores her! He takes her to the vet for any little thing! She is his baby....I hope it was a one time thing....poor Rocly, I can just imagine how confused he was by it.... give him a hug for me...:) Sandy


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