Monday, August 20, 2012

Good Morning!

Daisies and Mint
My daisies are fading fast so I have to pick some bouquets and bring them in.
It's going to be a delightful day.  Temps in the 70's.  This afternoon I plan on going to the barn and riding Preacher and Echo with my daughter.
I've had breakfast, fed the pets and let my chickens out into the run.
They got a little yogurt this morning for a treat.
I baked chocolate chip cookies last night.  I'll take some to my daughter so I won't eat the whole batch myself!!
What are you planing today?



  1. I made Chocolate Chip Bars on Saturday since we got a bit of a cool front! I only had a teeny one...:)JP

  2. Your daisies are lovely and it sounds like youre going to have a wonderful day! :)



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