Thursday, August 9, 2012

Echo's Accomplishment For Today

Now, this may not look like a lot.  But Echo says, "My feet are on it and I'm still alive!!!"
As you might have read in earlier posts, Echo was frightened by a slight accident with a caveletti about 4 years ago.  He tripped over it when jumping and his feet got tangled up and he scuffed up 3 out of 4 legs.  (Minor scuffs)  But it left a lasting impression.  He has been frightened to go over any ground poles or really anything on the ground that his feet may touch.
The trainers at this barn are working with him for the last 2 months and he will now hop over the poles and even can be ridden over them but he wants to do it in a rush.  He doesn't just want to leisurely walk over things.  
So, YES, him standing on this piece of cardboard, (which took every bit of a half hour) IS a big deal for him.
Good boy Echo!!  

You can watch a video of his third training session here when he starts to go over the poles.



  1. Echo is the man! :D I think it so wonderful that progress is made, he is a beautiful boy! :)


  2. Isn't it amazing how one incident can take hours to fix???? I am glad theya re patient....:) Echo is a very pretty boy!


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