Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicks and Horses

Today was an interesting day at the barn.  The chiropractor was there.  She comes about every 3 months to see several horses.  I had her look at Preacher and Echo.  Echo didn't need too many adjustments but Preacher needed more.  They will be at rest for about 24 hours.  You could really see a difference in Preachers walk in his hips when she was done.  I hope the adjustment lasts for awhile, he's never been treated by a chiropractor as far as I know.  They both seemed to like it!

It rained off and on the past couple days so the chickens were only outside for part of each day.  As soon as they feel rain drops they run in the coop!  They don't like getting wet. 

It's hard getting a good photo of them because as soon as I come into the run, they come and practically stand on my feet!
That's Martha in the middle.  She keeps uttering a low "Bwaaaak" whenever she sees me.
That's Eggo pecking at my pants leg!

I wish this was a clearer photo.  This is Lily.  She's an Easter-egger.  She has tuffs on her cheeks like a chipmunk and they are always dirty. 
Tomorrow I think it is supposed to be sunny so I will clean out their run.
For a treat today they had peas and yogurt.  They couldn't eat it fast enough!!
Funny little birdies.
They are 12 weeks old.

I think I was meant to have chickens!  This is the old weather vane on top of the cupola and one part of my house!


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