Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ava in the Chicken Yard

My grandkids were here today.
Jack was in the house watching something on my iPad but 
Ava loves to be out with the chickens.  She checks for eggs about every two hours.
She let them follow her over to their yard today and spend some time with them giving out some scratch.

Ava starts first grade next week so she won't be coming to Nana's on Wednesdays.  Jack will be coming another 3 weeks before his pre-school starts.

Little Lily is lowest on the pecking order so Ava makes sure that she gets her share.

The whole time Pepsi was sunning herself on top of the little coop in the yard.  She squeezes through the fence.  She's little.  The chickens are pretty much bigger than her.  She isn't much interested in them. 

A nice cool day today.  Sure doesn't seem like August in Ohio!
But I'm not complaining.  Better this than 90 and humid!!!



  1. I love those chickens, they are so fat and pretty and I even love the kitty having his afternoon nap...I would love to be there feeding those chics, I can see why the grands love to come...Phyllis

  2. Love this blog!


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