Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Earth Fare

I took a little drive to Earth Fare today.  It's a healthy foods grocery store with a lot of organic foods.
I've been reading about how the things we eat are so bad for us and I really would like to eat better, more healthy.  An article I recently read about vegetable oil really sent me right to the healthy food store!  It was about "the ugly truth about vegetable oils and why they should be avoided!"  Man, it's a wonder we all haven't keeled over by about age 30!

I enjoy going to Earth Fare.  They have great produce and meats.
The only problem is the prices.  It's a shame that it costs more to eat healthier!

This is their buffet.  I've eaten lunch here a few times.  If I lived really close I'd just eat here!  I think it would be less expensive than buying the organic foods to stock your kitchen.
They do have big cases of meals you can take home too.

On another subject:
Yesterday I got my hair cut and on the way home I stopped at the Oreck store.
I've had my Oreck for at least 14 years and it's badly in need of repair and reconditioning.  However, to do everything it needs, it would cost close to buying a new one.  So, they had this spiffy one on sale.  ($100. off!!) so, I got it.  It's very powerful and is even self propelled.
Now, isn't that exciting!


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