Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dirty Girl

She's the smallest of the flock and at the bottom of the pecking order.
Yes, it's Lily.
She's white and always a mess!
She's an easter egger; she lays pretty greenish-blue eggs.
But look at her!  Her little puffy cheeks are always dirty.
Now she has started molting so she is all raggedy looking too.
She has a couple feathers always sticking straight out from her sides.
She's a sweetie though.

I'd love to just wash her little face, but I don't think she'd like that!!!!

  As the chickens go into molting now this fall, the egg production will slow down or stop for awhile and all the girls will look all scuzzy.  They will need extra protein in their diets to help them grow nice new feathers.
Lucky I'm raising meal worms!



  1. You always take such good care of your chicks, were you always a farm kind of girl, or is all this new and you are learning as you go...I have a feeling you are pretty good with the chicks from experience...Phyllis

    1. I've always had animals. That's my big love. But this is my first year and experience with chickens. I did a lot of reading for almost a year before deciding to get them. If I would've known how much fun they are I would've gotten them years ago!


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