Monday, August 19, 2013

My Rare Household Tips!

It's pretty funny that I would be giving household tips as believe me, I'm not what you'd call Miss Tidy Housekeeper!
I don't enjoy cleaning and believe me, organizing and de-cluttering has gotten away from me!
But here's a tip I saw on line that I've been using and I really like it.
In the morning, I fill my big kitchen sink with warm water and a little Dawn and all day I put all the dirty dishes I use into the sink of water.  At night, I load and run the dishwasher.  It soaks off any food and grease before it enters the dishwasher.  

I have never believed you can put food laden dishes in the dishwasher and expect them to come out clean.  I have a newer dishwasher and believe me I've tried it.  Doesn't work!  It just bakes it on!

This works well for me because I have a second little sink to use too.  (To wash my hands or dump something down the drain.)

Here's another; probably obvious tip to most.
I have soapstone counter tops.  I oil them a couple times a year to keep them looking nice and dark and beautiful.  I noticed that if I sat my bottle of Dawn on the counter, the soap on the bottom would cut through the oil and leave a ring.  (Of course, it's dawn, it removes grease and oil!)
So I just set it on a little paper plate now.  Problem solved.

Another thing I've been trying my best to do this summer is to hang my clothes out to dry; especially the bed linens.
Since my dryer is electric, this saves a good deal on the electric bill.

So, there's my little household hints of the day.  Pretty obvious probably for most of you.  But hey, it's me . . . . 


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  1. I didn't realise you had to wash dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, I have never had one and now there is only two of us there is no need but i did have a drier when my little fellows had nappies but not since. I like the smell of things dried in the fresh air.
    But I did stop ironing many years ago.


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