Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Vegetable Garden

I've never planted seeds in late summer or early fall before.  
I've never tried to have a fall/winter garden.
This year I'm trying it.
I cleared out my bean bushes that were done and also my couple zucchini plants that were just about done.
I've planted carrots and some lettuces and spinach.

Today when I pulled out the zucchini plants, I planted some bush peas.
The tomatoes and peppers are still producing well.  And my swiss chard is still good.
When I pull the tomatoes, I'm not sure what to try.
 When I pulled the plants I threw them in with the chickens and made them happy.
I love the way they sort through things.
These were the last four zucchini.  I still have a big plant in the front garden though.

I might try and put some PVC tubing hoops over the top of the raised bed and cover it to make it last longer.  Next year I'll have more of these boxes! 
Speaking to you gardeners out there; do you plant in the fall?  And what do you plant??



  1. I'm using boxes this year to grow vegies it is too hard on the back bending over all the time.

  2. I need to have boxes as I cannot get on my knees anymore and it's so hard on the back. I normally only plant a winter tomato. But have lots of flowers all year which keeps me busy.
    Have a great weekend. Love your post.


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